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Boruto Next Generation Episode 217 Description

Naruto and Sasuke fight fiercely, but their efforts are in vain as Isshiki drives them into a corner. Boruto takes desperate measures to get them out, but is unsuccessful. Just when it seems they are out of options, Naruto stands up, emitting an incredible amount of chakra. According to Kurama, this is his ultimate last resort, which gives him immense power at a great cost. Naruto begins his counterattack on Isshiki. He completely turns the tables on Isshiki, overwhelming him. However, Isshiki realizes something at the last minute and pulls Kawaki from the Leaf Village!

Baryon mode

Naruto’s hair grows spikier in this state, rising up on its ends and forming fox ears on each side of his head. His whisker marks thicken, curving up below his eyes on each side. He takes on Kurama’s red-slit eyes as the pigments around his eyes turn black and spread up towards his improvised fox ears. His clothing takes on a somewhat darker orange hue, and he acquires a chakra cape with a black swirl down the center of his chest. Four orange (red in the anime) chakra tails flow from the back of his cape, with five more at the end; each tail has a black line running down the center that links in a swirl in the middle of the cape.

Naruto and Kurama’s chakra are used as raw materials to create a new sort of energy in a process comparable to nuclear fusion. Both Isshiki and Sasuke were taken aback by the rise in chakra, the latter describing it as “phenomenal.” When used, it drastically increases Naruto’s reflexes, speed, and power to the point where he even outperforms Isshiki, allowing him to snatch the tsutsuki’s black rods out of the air before they grow, as well as dodge and parry strikes with ease .

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