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About one piece

The world has given the name One Piece to all of the treasure amassed by Pirate King Gol D. Roger. A piece of it formerly belonged to Joy Boy during the Void Century.

A man named Joy Boy came discovered an island at the end of the Grand Line at some point during the Void Century. He left behind a treasure of unthinkable value on the final island, which piqued Gol D. Roger’s attention, and he viewed the World Government’s prohibition on exploration of the island as proof that it was real

Only those who traveled to the island with the Roger Pirates know what the treasure is made of. The Roger Pirates couldn’t stop laughing when they arrived on the island and saw Joy Boy’s loot. Roger referred to it as a “story full of laughs,” which inspired him to call the final island “Laugh Tale.” After the Roger Pirates were discovered, the world began to refer to Roger’s spoils as the “One Piece” .

Before Roger was executed, he announced to the world that anyone who could reach the huge treasure might claim it, kicking off the Great Age of Pirates.

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