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Character Description

Loid Forger also known as “Twilight” is the protagonist of the show Spy X Family he was task to complete the operation strix. Thus making him need to marry someone and adopting a child which soon he would be marrying Yor Briar and adopting anya.

Not fit to be a spy? No. The mistake was endangering that child in the first place. How did I not see that? Making a world where kids don’t need to cry… That was the whole reason… I became a spy in the first place.
— Loid Forger


he has a cool and efficient demeanor that allows him to do anything it necessary to fulfill the assignment, from joining terrorist organizations to dating his target’s daughter to becoming a father. He does, however, have a caring personality, as evidenced by the fact that he risked his identity as a spy to save Anya Forger.

Loid’s history as a powerless war orphan who felt misery and solitude has obviously followed him into adulthood, becoming his purpose as a spy to build a society free of tears. He genuinely empathizes with Yor Forger about laying down their lives for the sake of others and their values, and this becomes the determining element in Yor’s decision to marry him.

He was an honest child and rarely lied to his parents, in contrast to his current mentality and work as a spy. When he lied to his father to get him to give him pocket money so he could buy a military set, he felt horrible right away, almost confessing to his father, and vowed to work for money to repay his father. He felt even more horrible about his lie after his father vanished during the Ostanian invasion on his hometown, and resolved to tell his father the truth when he returned.

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