Loid Forger Spy X Famliy Ep 4 Twixtor clips for editing

Downlinks for the twixtors are down below.


Episode of the scenes came from

Spy X Family Season 1 Episode 4

Loid and yor adventure towards anya potential school when they face unexpected challenge’s and hardship which tested their grace and elegant appearance they now need to face this unexpected event’s

Loid Forger Apperance

Loid is a young man with short blond hair, light skin, and blue eyes. Depending on the occasion, his hair is slicked back to varying degrees. He stands tall and has a muscular frame. His ears are large.

When he goes outside, he usually wears a light green three-piece suit with a red tie. On his left lapel, he wears a lapel pin in the shape of a dagger with the WISE emblem.

He wears a basic t-shirt and long black jeans at home.

He wears a lab coat over his shirt and tie as a psychiatrist.

Twilight is also noted for being a master of disguise, able to pass herself off as persons with various body types and traits, right down to their voices.


  •  (Agent codename) Twilight
  • (Operation Strix’s persona) Dr Loid Forger
  • Papa
  • Roid
  • Loi-Loi
  • Loidman
  • Robert
  • Lionel
  • Lawrence
  • Roland Spoofy 

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