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Spy X Family Season 1 Episode 4

Summary. Loid and his new family are ready for the exam. They head to Eden Academy, but the moment they enter the school yard, both Loid and Yor feel like they are being watched. Loid quickly figures out that instructors are observing them and the exam had already started, and instructs Yor and Anya to act properly

Rating out of 10

8.5/10 with anya’s peanuts

Yor Forger, better known as Briar, is the SPY x FAMILY series’ tritagonist. While she works as a clerk at Berlint City Hall, she has a secret identity as a Garden assassin known as “Thorn Princess.”

They and Loid Forger marry in order to attain their mutual goals, with the former becoming Anya Forger’s mother-in-law.

Yor has monstrously inhuman physical abilities despite her tiny physique. She can break skulls with her weapons, and a single strike from her fists can destroy pumpkins. Her incredible force allows her to quickly crush individuals. Her weapons have enough force to slam through a wooden wall and impale anyone across the room. Her kicks are powerful enough to move fast cars and slash humans. Her legs are also powerful enough to leap across the floor when carrying a woman and her infant. In hand-to-hand combat, Yor’s favorite method of attack is with swift kicks. Her kicks were strong enough to slash out Loid just by touching his chin, something Yor didn’t have in his early training.

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