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Yor Forger Description

Yor Forger is a character in the spy x family in which she plays the role of being the mother of Anya forger and had a fake marriage with Loid Forger. Her name before marrying Loid was Yor Briar and she is the sister.

Yuri Briar who works in the State Security and on the task of hunting a spy called twilight

“I’m sorry to have bothered you… But could I choke the life out your body, Mister? The only one that would accept me now… must be no other than him!
— Yor Forger


Yor is a lovely young woman with fair skin, long black hair, and ruby eyes that are slightly tilted. When she lets her hair down, she separates it into two sections and crosses it over her head, tying it with a headband and making two thick locks of hair that extend below her chest.

Yor usually dresses in a backless red off-shoulder sweater, black tights, a red skirt, and brown-heeled ankle boots at home. She’s got a white headband on and a pair of spike-shaped gold earrings dangling from her ears. She covers her garments with a long beige coat with black buttons when she goes outside.

Yor dresses as an assassin in a form-fitting halter-style black dress with a rose choker and a red rose design on the inside of her skirt, revealing her shoulders and cleavage. The skirt is mid-thigh length in the front and falls below her knees in the back. She also wears black fingerless gloves and thigh-high boots. Her headband is gold and features a rose and two spikes on either side. Her weapons are also of the same color. Prior to marrying Loid, this is her sole good dress, after which she obtains more formal attire to better show herself for Eden.

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