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Episode Description

Demon Slayer season1 episode 13

The Spider Demon lands on the ground, terrified, while Thunderclap and Flash are charged up by his opponent. Zenitsu’s lightning pierces the earth, and when he increases its power sixfold, it becomes even more powerful!

The Spider Demon flees upward, spitting poison at the electrified hunter, fearful of Zenitsu’s deadly aura. Zenitsu appears out of nowhere and rushes about the surrounding area at breakneck speed. The demon retreats back within the house, unable to track his opponent’s movements. Zenitsu arrives and leaps off a wire. Zenitsu pursues the threads until he cleaves the demon’s head off in a lightning-fast succession of six dashes.

Overall Abilities: Despite his denials, Zenitsu comes off as a talented and adept Demon Slayer from the start. Zenitsu’s actual strength wakes while he is sleeping, as his nerves that typically prevent him from accessing it give out, allowing him to become more sagacious, calm, and accurate in fighting, allowing him to decapitate the Tongue Demon and beat the Son Spider Demon by himself. Later, he was able to protect three railway carriages that were being attacked by Enmu, Lower Rank One, and Nezuko. With the help of Inosuke, he was able to battle toe-to-toe with an awoken Daki a few months later, and subsequently blitzed her with Thunderclap and Flash: God Speed.

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