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Spy X Family Episode 6

Anya eventually experiences her first day of school in the latest episode, “The Friendship Scheme.” She lived in a run-down orphanage before attending this prestigious institution, so she has a lot to overcome. Anya, fearful of going to school, asks her combat-trained mother to teach her how to fight. Meanwhile, the mission looks to be going smoothly, as Loid arranges for Anya to be placed in the same class as Damian Desmond, his target’s son. However, on the first day of school, Damian and his henchmen humiliate Anya and call her a peasant because she does not come from a wealthy household.

Anya initially keeps her distance. Anya strikes a top-tier punch strong enough to make Goku happy when they toss a crumpled piece of paper at her in the hall and Damian threatens he’ll bully her every day.

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