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Black Clover Episode 63

Asta awakens in a strange space, unsure if he is alive or dead. After that, the Anti Magic Devil appears and informs him that he will be stealing his body. The devil assures Asta that if he takes his body, he will be able to defeat Ladros. Asta refuses, preferring to defeat him with his own might. The devil tells him to give up since there are areas he can’t go; nonetheless, Asta refuses, and the devil consumes his entire body.

With his right hand covered in black Anti Magic and sprouting a black wing, Asta confronts Ladros. Asta and Ladros fight, with Asta now able to match Ladros’ pace and deflect his punches. He throws his sword, which Ladros deflects, remarking that he would not fall for the same ruse, but Asta closes the distance and slices him with his other sword in an instant. Ladros clutches Asta’s head, believing he can no longer avoid, but Asta throws him to the ground with raw strength. The Witch Queen speculates that she expected him to pass out, but Asta seemed to have resisted this.

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