Glow twixtor clips 4k

Download the link for the twixtor below

Plugin for the glow

Deep Glow

Even when working in a non-linear color space, Deep Glow provides the best-looking glow right out of the box. It has simple compositing options that can help you fine-tune your illumination effects. Deep Glow is GPU accelerated for speed, and it includes useful downsampling and quality parameters that can be used to generate unique results (grainy or stylised glows).

Inverse square based falloff that is physically true
GPU augmentation
Compatible with bpc 8, 16, and 32
Thresholding in HDR
Smoothness of Threshold (reduces temporal flicker)
Correction for gamma (linear results even when working in non-linear colorspace)
Controls for compositing
For comprehensive control over the illumination source, use input masking (alpha and luma).
Aspect ratio of glow
Spread the glow
Chromatic Inconsistency
Downsampling quality checks
Controls for blur quality
Controls for viewing: glow source or final render
Unmult (useful for text)
Add color to your glow with tint settings and blending modes.
Color-banding artifacts can be reduced using dithering adjustments.

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