Loid vs Drunk Yor Spy X Family Twixtor Clips and Rsmb 4K

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Spy x Family Episode 5

In his most recent job, Loidman is assigned with rescuing Princess Anya from Franky and his henchmen. Loidman breezes over all of his challenges, including a very difficult quiz and a somewhat chaotic bouncy ball fight, but just as he approaches the princess, he is confronted by an unexpected and deadly foe: Yorticia the witch.

You’re already dangerous when you’re sober and without your weapons. Anyone who thinks they can beat Yor when she’s drunk is mistaken; intoxicated Yor is even more difficult to cope with. She can’t tell who Loid is without her inhibitions, and she perceives him as a real threat, which means it’s time for the Thorn Princess to take the stage. Every kick or punch she aims at Loid is unreserved, and the action sequence is so wonderfully depicted that spectators can see how close Loid came to death, and how lucky he was that Yor tripped by accident.

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