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Luffy Red Roc

Red Roc is a hybrid of Red Hawk and Elephant Gun. This strike makes use of both Gear Second and Gear Third, and is strengthened by Luffy’s Busoshoku Haki. The Straw Hat’s most visually appealing move in the One Piece series is without a doubt this one. After raising his hand and igniting it on fire, Luffy may unleash an explosive punch that burns his target. Portgas D. Ace would be overjoyed.

Red Roc is physically capable of hurting and burning Kaido. Luffy was so swift that he caught the Emperor off guard. The future Pirate King is also a hard worker. In a sequence of flashbacks, Luffy recalled everyone Kaido had mistreated in the past.

In their previous encounter, Luffy was unable to harm Kaido. Kaido recovered as if nothing had happened after the Straw Hat deployed Gear Third to unleash terrible assaults. Red Roc, on the other hand, stunned Kaido. Luffy is much more powerful than before. Luffy’s decision to choose this technique over his prior ones is telling. He was saving it for this particular episode of the One Piece series.

Luffy had to perfect Busoshoku Haki’s advanced techniques. He’d be able to hit targets without having to touch them.

Luffy’s punches were also boosted by these powerful techniques. He realized he couldn’t fight Kaido the same way he had previously. Something new was required of the Straw Hat.

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