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Character Descriptions

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama had light skin, silver shaggy hair, and black eyes (depicted as red in the anime). On his face, he had three red marks: one under each eye and one on his chin. He donned a plain black suit over blue armour with a distinguishing white fur collar in combat. This armour was made up of many metal plates that were shaped into multiple defensive guards that ran the length of his body. He carried two additional shoulder guards on each arm beneath his shoulder armour. In place of the more customary forehead protector, this outfit was paired by sandals and a happuri. The Senju’s insignia was carved on the happuri at first, but Konoha’s was eventually added.

Tobirama was a Senju who could do shurikenjutsu and barrier ninjutsu. He could handle a sword well enough to fight Izuna on several times, and in the anime, he even mastered the Sword of the Thunder God, a weapon with electrical properties.

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