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Episode Description

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 18

Noritoshi and Megumi’s fight takes place within one of the battlefield’s temples. Noritoshi fires his arrows from the left corridor on the floor above Megumi, who is at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Two of them curve down the stairs toward his opponent, while the third follows a different path. Megumi deflects two arrows with his tonfa, and his Toad shikigami from The Well’s Unknown Abyss catches the third arrow, which had twisted around in an effort to attack Megumi’s skull from behind.

Noritoshi tries to deflect Megumi’s final tonfa by slamming their wrists together. Megumi swings the tonfa towards Noritoshi’s head, but he ducks beneath it and counters with a forward palm blow that breaks the tonfa. Noritoshi boasts that the Ten Shadows Technique user is capable of close combat. Megumi is perplexed why his senpai is acting so friendly with him, given that this is their first formal encounter.

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