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Character Description


Franky is a square-faced man with round eyes and an upturned nose. He has a small goatee and large perm-like black hair.

He normally dresses in a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, black suspenders, and a red tie. He wears thick red glasses and has an earring on his left earlobe.


Franky is a caring individual who, despite the danger, is prepared to assist Loid when he is in need. He urges Loid Forger on a regular basis not to become too close to other people in their line of work.

He constantly falls in love with other women, but his relationships usually fail due to a lack of mutual desire or the fact that they are already married.

He is mostly motivated by money, since he is willing to do favors for Loid in exchange for material goods, even if he was previously hesitant to do so or if the scenario is exceedingly risky.

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