Yuji itadori and Todo Vs hanma twixtor clips 4k

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Episode Description

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 1 episode 21

Aoi requests that his spouse continue to believe while not stopping. Aoi considers all of Hanami’s tactics and concludes that he can win since he can rely on Yuji. They hurry Hanami, but a root emerging from underground swiftly catches Aoi’s foot. It spins Aoi around and nearly knocks him into the root pile. Hanami engages Yuji, anticipating Aoi to be taken out, so Yuji tries to aid.

The two sorcerers rush Hanami once more, switching places quickly with Boogie Woogie while striking their opponent. Hanami’s judgement is split since he can’t effectively defend based on his opponent’s diverse strengths because he can’t determine the rate of switching. The curse of the Special level

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