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Zoro Enma Sword

Roronoa Zoro now has Enma as one of his three blades, and it is one of the 21 Great Grade swords.

Kozuki Oden used Enma alongside his other sword, Ame no Habakiri, until 20 years ago. Both blades became the only weapons known to have ever inflicted injury on Kaidou in Oden’s hands (until now). After Oden’s death, Kozuki Hiyori inherited Enma, which she eventually gave to Zoro in exchange for the latter permitting Shusui, a national treasure, to remain in Wano.

On the blade, there are three pieces of cord: one right above the kashira (without hanging end), another on the saya a short distance below its mouth with two hanging, tufted ends (acting as the sageo), and a third cord further below on the saya (again no hanging end). In addition, the tsuka has some bandaging for increased grip.

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