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Yor Forger Episode 5 Description

Anya and Franky are ecstatic and run around the castle, but Anya quickly stops and says it’s not enjoyable without opponents or servants. Franky agrees with her and tells Loid that he needs to do more. Loid then phones his agency once more, requesting as many agents as possible. WISE then dispatches all operatives in Ostania to Newton Castle for an SS level mission. The agents are delighted to meet the famed Twilight as soon as they arrive. Loid then thanks them for coming and assisting them, but offers them a Morse code message in private. This is an Operation Strix-related mission. Anya will play the princess, while Loid will play Loidman, a spy who came to save her, and Franky will play Count Scruffy Head, the big evil guy, according to Franky and Anya. Franky informs the agents that they are his subordinates, and that they must do everything possible to obstruct Loidman’s plans.

Franky then introduces the most powerful witch in the world, Yorticia, played by Yor. Drunk, Yor takes it seriously and starts attacking Loid, giving him a hard time, but ends up breaking her shoe heel and falls asleep on the ground. Loid then faces Franky as the final boss, but beats him with ease. Loid tells Anya that he came to save her and that makes her happy. The agents are happy as well. They activate fireworks and congratulate Anya for getting into the school. After everyone leaves, Anya tells Loid that she had so much fun after leaving the orphanage and its all thanks to Loid, and she will do her best at school. The next day, WISE receive invoice for expenses for a shocking amount.

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