Glow Anime twixtor clips part 3

Download link of the twixtor below

Deep Glow

  • Characteristics:

  • Physically correct inverse square-based falloff

  • GPU enhancement

  • Compatible with BPC versions 8, 16, and 32

  • HDR thresholding

  • Threshold Smoothness (reduces temporal flicker)

  • The gamma correction (linear results even when working in non-linear colorspace)

  • Compositing controls.

  • Use input masking to have complete control over the illumination source (alpha and luma).

  • Glow’s aspect ratio

    Quality tests using downsampling

  • Quality of blur controls

  • Viewing options: light source or final render

  • Unmult (useful for text)

  • With tint settings and blending options, you may add color to your glow.

  • Dithering changes can help decrease color-banding artifacts.

    Even when working in a non-linear color space, Deep Glow creates the best-looking glow right out of the box. For fine-tuning your lighting effects, it provides basic compositing features. Deep Glow is GPU-accelerated for speed, and it includes important downsampling and quality controls for creating unique effects (grainy or stylised glows).

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