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Madara Uchiha Susanoo

Madara Uchiha’s Susanoo is dark blue in color, with two distinct faces: the front face has elongated canine teeth in its lower jaw bracket and two tusks growing from said jaw, while the back face has similarly elongated canine teeth in its upper jaw bracket and a single horn protruding from its forehead. The regular tengu-like armour breaks from its forehead down in its armored form, revealing Susanoo’s eyes but concealing the rest of its face. His armoured Susanoo, strangely, always forms the Tiger hand seal with its front hands, and is the largest of its variation.

Susanoo of Madara holds different, undulating blades that resemble kris on each side’s right hand. Madara was able to generate swords in all four of Susanoo’s arms in the anime; the blades left traces of blue, fire-like chakra in the ground after colliding and could unleash shockwaves capable of obliterating many shinobi in a single strike. The swords resemble conventional katana in their Replete Body form, complete with sheaths held in the secondary arms. These swords can cut through mountains over long distances. Madara can wield Susanoo to perform Yasaka Magatama for long-range assaults.

  • Susanoo’s designs are inspired by Tengu , well-known yokai associated with the shugend ascetic discipline. The Susanoo are dressed as shugend practitioners, known as yamabushi, and wear hoods that mimic tengu masks in their final forms, with Itachi and Madara’s hoods resembling long-nosed Hanataka Tengu and Sasuke’s a crow-billed Karasu Tengu. Susanoo is claimed to have given birth to the devil Amanozako, who is said to be the Tengu’s progenitor.
  • Despite the fact that Madara, Indra, Sasuke, and Kakashi all manifest a stabilized Susanoo in the manga, only Madara is identified in the fourth databook as a user of the Complete Body — Susanoo .

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