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Minato vs Raikage

Minato had multiple run-ins with A before to becoming Hokage. Minato, an Inuzuka, Akimichi, and a fourth member confronted A and his crew during what appeared to be their first encounter. There, Minato and A had a speed battle, with Minato nearly harming the future Raikage before B intervened.

Minato waited after getting word that Konoha was retiring for the time being, praising B’s fortitude and telling A that he, too, had a fine family and followers surrounding him, and also advised A to make sure his brother understood who he was before he became neither human nor jinchuriki. Minato then announced that the next time they met, he would stake his claim to the title of “Kage.”

A, not one to let an opponent get away so easy, sought to attack Minato before he left. A was taken aback when the Konoha-nin appeared behind his brother, believing Minato would teleport to one of his special kunai. Minato congratulated B for his skills, impressed that he had reacted quickly enough to draw one of his blades on him.

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