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Shinra abilities

Shinra developed Third Generation abilities as a toddler, including the ability to ignite, control, and use flames from his feet. He does it by leaving ashes in the shape of feet on the floor, which are known as the “Devil’s Footprints”. He has demonstrated resilience to external fires as a Third Generation.

Shinra’s Ignition Ability allows him to use the fire jets from his feet to fly through the air, glide across the floor quickly, and jump continually from platforms to outmaneuver an opponent before they react. His toes direct his direction, and he will lose control if he scrunches them up.

Immense Speed:

Shinra’s ignite ability increases his mobility and speed dramatically, making him the fastest character in Fire Force. With his kicks, he can fly faster than a jet plane and break the sound barrier, as well as generate massive quantities of force to supplement his (at the time) subpar strength.His agility is also improved, allowing him to outmaneuver even the most formidable foes and elude capture. He learnt to manage the flow of his life energy using Rapid after training with Benimaru Shinmon, which allowed him to tenfold his speed while using less power. He can easily fly through and react to Nataku’s laser bombardment, rapidly overwhelm weaker pyrokinetic, battle on par with and momentarily overpower a Level 2 Leonard Burns, and eventually grow powerful enough to travel vast distances in seconds thanks to the speed boost he obtains. Shinra’s related emotion, rage, can offer him a speed and power boost, depending on the stakes of the scenario and the amount of rage he feels. It was first demonstrated when he moved quickly enough to overwhelm a changed Giovanni in a fit of wrath and disbelief over his brother’s catatonic state. Another time, he neared the speed of light without his Fourth Generation skills during his struggle against Leonard Burns for siding with the White Clad. Shinra displays his greatest anger accomplishment yet during his final combat against Haumea, briefly surpassing her near-invincible talents.

Hysterical Strength

Shinra has the power to use Hysterical Strength, which allows him to use his Ignition Ability to its full potential, when most people only use 30% of it. Shinra gains Hysterical Strength after being exposed to the “Pressure of Death,” a death-like sensation brought on by extreme stress that activates his survival instincts. Because of the increased intensity and warmth, Hysterical Strength’s flames turn blue. His flames take on a more controlled claw-like shape as well. Shinra utilized this ability to knock Captain Leonard Burns back with a single kick, a stunning feat considering Burns’ superhuman strength and the Ignition Ability, which greatly enhances his physical powers. Following his battle with Leonard Burns and his escape from Adolla, Shinra discovered how to use Hysterical Strength indefinitely, substantially enhancing his speed and power.

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