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Anya appears in Spy x Family as a likely contender to be Loid’s fictitious daughter. Despite her caregiver’s labeling her as the quiet one, she impresses Loid by completing a crossword puzzle in a matter of seconds.

Loid adopts the pink-haired girl right away, believing she has the intelligence to pass the Eden Academy entrance exam, which Donovan’s son Desmond attends. Anya is subsequently revealed to be a telepath known as “Test Subject 007,” who took the answers from Loid as he was looking at the puzzle and learning about his spy lifestyle.

Anya decides to be adopted by Loid, despite the fact that her favorite anime is a spy series.

Anya in Spy x Family is a kid telepath who is incredibly attentive and finds methods to learn about and manipulate others around her. She regularly instructs the two in a juvenile manner to expose clues and solve difficulties, knowing more information than her own foster parents.

Anya has a strong desire to live in a happy household after growing up as a test subject turned orphan. She appears to have abandonment issues after being returned to multiple foster families, and she clutches onto Loid during their first days together.

Apart from the peculiarities that come with being a telepath, Anya acts like a toddler. Though her exact age is uncertain, Loid believes she is at most a four or five-year-old.

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