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Levi Vs Beast Titan

Bertolt changes into his Colossus Titan after a brief delay in the meantime, Zeke launches a new assault on the Survey Corps soldiers north of the area, using smashed boulders as projectiles and firing them at deadly speeds into the buildings and structures north of Wall Maria. As a last option, the Survey Corps charges the Beast Titan, using signal flares to obscure its eyesight while Captain Levi maneuvers his way towards it, using the blockade of Titans as a path. The Beast Titan’s bombardment nearly kills Commander Erwin and kills all but one of the recruits. However, while Zeke was distracted, Levi ambushed the Beast Titan and dismembered it completely, leaving Zeke with no chance to defend himself. Zeke emerges from his shattered Beast Titan at Levi’s mercy, but he is quickly saved by the Cart Titan.

The Beast Titan approaches the plaza where a clash between the Survey Corps and Marley’s Titans is taking place a month later during the attack on Liberio by the Survey Corps. When he is near Galliard and Pieck, he delivers the command to wipe off the enemy. Throughout the war, the Jaw Titan defends Zeke from the Survey Corps, particularly Levi. The Warriors formation is shattered when a huge boom explodes at the port, heralding Armin Arlert’s transition into the Colossus Titan. Levi ambushes the Beast Titan and quickly rips open its nape as Pieck is distracted by the approaching Survey Corps attack. Levi detonates an explosive in the Titan’s neck as he falls to the ground, then quickly maneuvers away.

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