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Mocchi Shikimori


Shikimori is a thin woman with silky pink hair and green-blue eyes. Yuu Izumi calls her “very cute,” and everyone adores her. When her partner, who has bad luck, gets into difficulty and she has to help him, she exhibits her cool side. She is always athletic and energetic, as seen by the fact that she prevents most things from harming Izumi.

She wears the school uniform the majority of the time.


Shikimori is a strong, kind, and compassionate individual. She is also a fierce competitor. Her sweet side shows through from time to time, which is both terrifying and lovely. She adores Yuu Izumi and always looks after him, essentially shielding him from every horrible scenario he finds himself in as a result of his poor luck. She has her own thoughts and adheres to them. She addresses her lover as “Izumi-san,” and he addresses her as “Shikimori-san,” instead of their first names, because she admires how her grandparents addressed each other by their last names only. She has often demonstrated her dependability. She excels at sports and almost everything she attempts, with the exception of cooking, which she improves over time. She has a brotherly bond with Shuu Inuzuka, and she accidentally calls him “nii-chan,” which causes her to become irritated. She considers everybody Izumi admires to be a competitor, and she attempts to outshine them. She, like Kamiya, is easily provoked into taking on a challenge .

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