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Ken Kaneki

After being assaulted by a female ghoul known as Kamishiro Rize, he had to undergo emergency surgery treatments. After the incident, Kaneki is brought to the hospital in a half-dead state with Rize. Kanou, a doctor who covertly experiments with ghouls, humans, and half-ghouls, transplants what Kaneki believes is a kidney into his body to save his life in the terrible scenario. Soon after, he discovers that he has had a piece of Rize’s kagune transplanted into him, marking the start of Kanou’s many human-ghoul experiments.

Kaneki loses his ability to stomach human food as a result of the unnatural amount of RC Cells now present in his body as a result of Rize’s kagune, and obtains the powers of regeneration and kagune usage as a result. Kaneki refuses to devour human beings as a source of sustenance because of his principles and attachment to mankind; instead, he drinks a lot of coffee and will cannibalize other ghouls when absolutely required.

Later, he joins forces with many ghouls, including Banjou and Tsukiyama Shuu, to lower the number of ghouls wreaking havoc in the world and improve the lives of people. Kaneki obtains the nickname “One-Eye” among the ghoul community due to the nature of his ghoul mask and physical traits, and later “Centipede” after his kagune takes the form of one after he is subjected to extreme stress, strain, and worry. He was later classified as an SS-Rated ghoul by the CCG.

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