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Damian tosses the first pitch of the game, which lands comfortably in the hands of Bill Watkins, a large muscular Wald Hall student. Bill returns the ball to Cecile’s team, knocking out four of her teammates. Bill is confident in his victory and recalls his game preparations, recalling his father’s words of support. Becky tries to take him out, but he catches the ball and throws it back at her, putting her out. Damian, Ewen, and Emile try to eliminate Bill as a group, but Ewen and Emile are eliminated first, leaving Damian, Anya, and another student on the Cecile Hall team.

Bill chooses to go after Anya next, but Damian hopes to survive and make a name for himself. He tosses a low ball at her, but she reads his mind and dodges it. He fires three more rounds, all of which miss her, with the final one hitting an unidentified student. Damian compliments her dodging skills as Anya approaches the edge of the field. Becky notices this and warns Anya to be on the lookout for those who have wandered off the path. Anya tries to back up, but she trips and collapses.

Bill sees his opportunity and hurls a ball at Anya while screaming “Die!!!” Damian glances at her pitifully before leaping in front of the ball and attempting to catch it. He is eliminated from the game when he fails to catch it. Damian is frustrated since he thinks he won’t be able to get MVP now.

Anya declares that she would avenge Damian’s “death,” and recalling Yor’s training, she employs her “killer technique” and tosses the ball towards Bill. However, the ball falls to the ground and bounces back to Bill, so he quickly returns the ball and hits her.

Bill and his colleagues were overjoyed when they learned that he would be awarded a Stella Star. However, Henry warns them that Stella Stars are not awarded for a simple P.E. class. He’ll have to give Bill a Tonitrus Bolt for yelling “Die!!!” at Anya. chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier chevalier cheval Damian runs over to Anya, ranting at her about how pointless his sacrifice was. Henry had been thinking about how they deserved a Stella Star.

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