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Water Breathing

Water Breathing

Water Breathing is a Breathing Style that imitates water’s flow, elasticity, and adaptability with the user’s movements, techniques, and talents. The user bends their body, arm, and weapon in a fluid motion to imitate the movements of rushing or flowing water in the majority, if not all, known techniques. When using the program’s techniques, users can also observe themselves creating and controlling water.

This Breathing Style was formed by one of Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s students who intended to study Sun Breathing but were instead taught and trained a personalized Breathing Style that focused on their strengths and shortcomings, eventually becoming Water Breathing.

For the bulk of Demon Slayer’s first season, Tanjiro depends almost entirely on Water Breathing, allowing him to take care of most difficult demons by remembering his teachings and knowing when to use the skills he’s learned. While Water Breathing helps Tanjiro in the beginning, he reaches his limit with this style during his battle with Rui, when the Lower Rank Four demon demonstrates just how hopelessly outclassed the protagonist truly was.

While this indicates that Tanjiro will transition to his Hinokami Kagura method sooner rather than later, it does not imply that Water Breathing will become outdated. Giyu Tomioka’s powerful presence in the series has made it evident that this Demon Slayer will use the Water Breathing method to its full capacity in the future.

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