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Kotoyama wrote and drew the manga series Call of the Night (Yofukashi no Uta?, lit. Song of the Night Walkers). It debuted on August 28, 2019, in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine and is still running.

Viz Media launched an official English translation of the series in 2021, with the first volume being released on April 13, 2021.


Kou sneaks out one restless night to take a stroll across the streets. After dark, life is a revelation! Kou is ecstatic when flirty Nazuna asks him to spend the night in her abandoned building. Then he wakes up to kisses on his neck that are a touch too biting… Is it only the sweet taste of his blood that keeps her coming back for late-night excursions, discussion, and…naps? Is there another option? Then, when a lovely girl from Kou’s past comes up and fights for his attention, his developing undead romance is put to the test!

Nazuna is a really relaxed person. She is not overtly sociable, but in most settings she is a very calm presence. She’ll converse to just about anybody and likes to maintain excellent relationships with everyone, including those who would ordinarily consider themselves her enemies due to her vampirism.

Nazuna gets along well with folks who want to party late at night, and she enjoys showing newcomers to the town’s nightlife.

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