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Eren and Mikasa have been pals since childhood and were formerly colleagues. They were extremely close and, in some ways, the closest people in each other’s lives. Mikasa is particularly fond of Eren and is excessively protective of him, even to the point of attacking or killing people who damage him, including her friends and superiors.

Mikasa’s family was slaughtered by slave dealers when she was 9 years old, and she was ready to be sold into slavery when they met. Eren came at her family’s home with his father, Mikasa’s family’s doctor, and discovered her parents’ bodies. Eren’s father left to seek assistance and instructed Eren to wait. Eren, on the other hand, hunted out Mikasa on his own and attempted to save her.The two of them eventually killed the slavers, and Mikasa was taken in by Eren’s family. Their community was attacked and overtaken by Titans many years later, killing Eren’s mother and leaving them orphaned along with Armin. All three of them subsequently opted to join the military, Eren in particular, in order to exact vengeance, while Mikasa joined to be by his side.

Other characters have been intrigued by Mikasa’s affections for Eren. Many people believe she has a love interest in Eren. For instance, when Ian Dietrich told her to “defend your guy,” Mikasa blushed and quietly stated that they were simply family. Levi has also evaluated her feelings for Eren and appears to believe she loves him. Even after Eren’s betrayal, Annie believes Mikasa could neither kill or allow Eren to be killed. Even Zeke reminded Eren that Mikasa’s protective nature toward him stems from love, not from her status as an Ackerman family member, which Eren confirmed. Following his treachery, 

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