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Gojo Satoru


Satoru is known to be the greatest sorcerer in the series, even among the special grade sorcerers, since he possesses vast amounts of cursed energy as well as a dangerously powerful skill. Satoru and Suguru were both regarded as “the strongest” as students, capable of dispatching seasoned and powerful curse users in a matter of seconds. Satoru’s talents dramatically improved once he realized and perfected his abilities, to the point that he was able to put Toji Fushiguro on the defense and kill him with his greatest technique, whereas previously he and Geto were no match for the legendary Sorcerer Killer. Suguru agreed that Satoru had genuinely become the strongest alone as he continued to improve. Suguru also claimed that Satoru was capable of murdering all of mankind on his alone, which he recognized was beyond his capabilities, and that he didn’t even try to fight back when Satoru was about to kill him.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Satoru is a superb martial artist in close combat, with tremendous physical prowess to back up his talents, in addition to his overpowering amounts of cursed energy. He could easily overcome Jogo in hand-to-hand combat, scoring multiple accurate punches on Jogo’s deadly areas, and he could also effortlessly fight off and overpower both Jogo and Hanami with pure close fighting, easily countering their attacks and executing tremendous hits that quickly beat them into submission.

Tactical Intellect:¬†Gojo is a skilled tactician who can deduce his opponent’s strategy from a small amount of data. He’s also proved that he can adapt to whatever adversary he’s come across so far, knowing just how to counter their tactics and beat them. This was most seen during his fight against Jogo, Hanami, Choso, and Mahito, in which he demonstrated his ability to think of different combat plans while fighting at breakneck speeds, safeguarding bystanders, and limiting property damage, all while dodging and avoiding the four curses’ blows.

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