Levi Ackerman Ep 12 Twixtor Clips

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Levi is extraordinarily skilled with the vertical maneuvering equipment, to the point where everyone claims he is the best at it; even after missing three fingers, Levi was able to use it almost as easily as before. He is also believed to be worth as much as a whole brigade, considerably outweighing all of the other soldiers.

He has proven the ability to incapacitate the Female Titan by moving too quickly for her to defend, something that whole squads and even Eren in his Titan form could not do. He has even fought Zeke Yeager in his Beast Titan form, one of Marley army’s most powerful Warriors and a highly skilled Titan. Levi had surprised Zeke, getting too close to defend against before Zeke realized. Levi’s full blade talents, however, remain untapped. managed to slice the Beast Titan’s arm into many clean pieces so quickly that they all fell out at the same time Nonetheless, Levi has shown that in a one-on-one circumstance when his vertical maneuvering equipment can be used to its full potential, he is capable of taking on formidable Titans. As evidenced by Levi’s victory over Zeke on a forest setting where his vertical equipment may be put to good use.

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