Tanjiro and Shinobu Twixtor clips

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Shinobu first meets Tanjiro after she tries to murder Nezuko and warns him that being so near to a Demon is dangerous. Later, at Hashira’s trial, she is the only one seeking to hear Tanjiro’s side of the story, and she has a sorrowful expression on her face as Tanjiro urgently tries to explain that Nezuko has not and will not harm anybody .

She grows to care about Tanjiro and Nezuko and is obviously worried about them, even allowing them to rest at her estate to recuperate from their injuries.

Giyu and Shinobu are Demon Slayer Corps Hashiras who are frequently paired together on missions. Shinobu believes Giyu is an airhead and a klutz, presuming he is dozing off in front of a Demon while she is attempting to save him.

Later on, she and Giyu develop feelings for the Kamado siblings and are obviously distressed by the other Hashiras’ unfriendly treatment of them. When Giyu subsequently learns of Shinobu’s death, he remembers her pleasant smile and is noticeably taken aback by the news.

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