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The Rumbling

For nearly a century, no explicit declaration of war or act of aggression was made against the inhabitants behind the Walls, despite Marley’s plans to utilize the lands beyond the Walls on Paradis Island as a prison colony for Ymir’s unwanted Subjects converted into Pure Titans. Marley’s weakening defense economy, however, diverted the nation’s focus to Paradis and the fossil resources lurking under Eldian territory more than eighty years after the conclusion of the Great Titan War. The danger of the Rumbling was too large a risk to undertake a full-scale invasion, despite Marley’s knowledge of the Tybur family’s vow of non-violence. Instead, Marley began preparing the Warrior Unit for the Paradis Island Operation by training them.

When Eren and Zeke met, an instantaneous moment in time occurred in which Eren realized that Zeke’s will as a royal descendant outweighed his own as the Founder’s bearer. Eren discovered that the Founding Titan’s strength was dependant on Ymir Fritz’s will, who was permanently chained to obey the royal family that had enslaved her in life 2,000 years ago. Eren persuaded Ymir to disregard her responsibilities and act in her own will as she prepared to carry out Zeke’s wish to sterilize Ymir’s Subjects.

The last of the Wall Titans fled Eldian territory on Paradis Island after many days. By this point, the surviving Marleyan Warriors on the island had joined forces with Eren’s erstwhile companions in an attempt to track him down and halt the Rumbling.

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