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When Pain, the Akatsuki’s commander, invades Konoha, Kakashi fights him and dies from exhaustion. However, following his battle with Naruto, Pain chooses to utilize all of his remaining strength to resurrect all of the Konoha war victims, including Kakashi. Kakashi becomes one of the generals fighting Tobi’s army after a brief meeting with Tobi, the Akatsuki’s actual commander. Kakashi and Guy arrive to join the fight as Naruto and Killer Bee continue their battle against Tobi and his army. During the confrontation, Kakashi discovers that Tobi actually Obito, who had survived his apparent death and had vowed to overthrow the global system that had enabled their friend’s death.

Kakashi gains obito power

Despite his sorrow about Obito’s transformation, Naruto encourages Kakashi to continue fighting, and the duel finishes with Kakashi impaling Obito. When Naruto is on the verge of being murdered by Madara, Kakashi and a repented Obito join forces to save him by transporting him to Madara’s dimension to be treated. Naruto utilizes his newfound skills to restore Kakashi’s natural eye when he loses his Sharingan. Kakashi is momentarily infused with Obito’s chakra-based spirit, gaining full Sharingan abilities and a Susanoo to aid his comrades in defeating Kaguya.

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