All might vs All for one twixtor 4k no warps

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All For One destroys the Hideout Raid Team, led by Best Jeanist, in the Nomu factory on his alone. Best Jeanist’s technical prowess is praised, but he claims his Quirk isn’t worth stealing because it takes years of practice to master. All For One easily incapacitates the No. 4 Hero. All For One demolishes the majority of the structure before transporting the Nomu to the main hideaway to divert the heroes’ attention away from the invading heroes.

Katsuki Bakugo and the other villains are transported to All For One’s location using his Warping Quirk. Despite his failure, All For One encourages Tomura Shigaraki that he may always try again. All For One claims he exists to help his protégé, and Tomura is free to try again as many times as he wants.

At the main hideaway, the heroes fight off the Nomu. All Might flees Endeavor’s main base and travels five kilometers to the Nomu facility in under thirty seconds to meet All For One. All Might informs his arch-nemesis that he is returning his student, to which All For One responds that the Symbol of Peace has arrived to murder him again.

All Might assaults All For One, who catches both of his fists in mid-flight. He is able to hold All Might at bay, and their fight causes a massive shockwave. They both recuperate as they mock one other about their new flaws. Irate, All Might declares that he will reclaim Katsuki, vanquish All For One, and arrest the whole League of Villains. All Might lunges at All For One, who reacts by saying that the No. 1 hero has his work cut out for him.

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