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Zenitsu runs across his former senior, Kaigaku, who he hears conversing behind a closed door while strolling around the castle. He tells the Demon to come out since he recognizes him. Zenitsu’s lack of respect irritates Kaigaku, who warns him that this is not the way to talk to his superior.

Zenitsu says that he no longer regards Kaigaku as his senior because he is a Demon. Kaigaku sneers at Zenitsu, calling him a slob and a weakling, then provoking him by questioning if Zenitsu had become a Hashira or if he could utilize anything other than Thunder Breathing’s First Form. Zenitsu calmly retorts that, despite the fact that he’s only filling an empty seat, Kaigaku appears ecstatic to be the lowest-ranked of the Upper Ranks.

Zenitsu, swift as he is, pulls his blade and slices through Kaigaku’s neck, calling him garbage and stating he was too slow. Kaigaku attempts to kill Zenitsu with his Blood Demon Art augmented Thunder Breathing, Fourth Form: Distant Thunder. Zenitsu’s swordsmanship is considerably more varied and skillful than previously, Kaigaku recognizes. He feels, however, that no matter how hard Zenitsu trains, he would never be able to defeat an Upper Rank like him. The Thunder Breathing, Second Form: Rice Spirit is then used to slash Zenitsu. Zenitsu says Kaigaku has eaten too many people and asks whether he can differentiate right from wrong, to which Kaigaku proudly replies that he can.

Kaigaku states that those who properly evaluate him and accept him for who he is are correct, while those who do not accept him are incorrect, since he employs the Thunder Breathing, Third Form: Thunder Swarm. Kaigaku then teases Zenitsu with Thunder Breathing, Fifth Form: Heat Lightning, and praises his own Blood Demon augmented Forms. As he employs the Thunder Breathing, Sixth Form: Rumble and Flash, he says that as his Thunder Breathing forms slice Zenitsu’s body, his skin and flesh burns and splits away. Zenitsu recalls on his previous relationship with Kaigaku while falling, and how they couldn’t get along. He leaps onto a nearby wall and employs his own breathing technique: Honoikazuchi no Kami, Thunder Breathing, Seventh Form.

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