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Meliodas is more than three thousand years old, despite his childlike look. He has untidy blond hair and emerald eyes, and is unusually short in comparison to the other characters. His absence of facial hair emphasizes his youthful appearance even more. Despite his little size and young appearance, he is a strong man with a well-developed stomach region. He usually wears a plain white button-front shirt with a black sleeveless vest over it and a loosely worn tie. A green leather belt with gold-colored buckles holds his Broken Sword’s scabbard in place. He is dressed in black boots with no socks on. His most distinguishing feature is the Dragon sign cut into the top of his left forearm.

Meliodas wore a white, sleeveless coat with a batch of black X-shaped buttons around the high collar, black lining, a dark red tint on the inside, and a coat’s tail while he was the leader of the Ten Commandments. He wore black slacks and boots that were the same color. Meliodas had a big, elegant blade, but it was shattered during his struggle with Elizabeth against the Demon King and Supreme Deity.

Meliodas donned conventional Holy Knights armor, similar to Cain Barzad’s, when leading Danafor’s Holy Knights. He wore full-body silver armor with a special helmet ten years ago, much like the rest of the Sins. He also looked to be wielding his Sacred Treasure, which was a knife. After being framed for the death of Great Holy Knight Zaratras, Meliodas, like the rest of the Sins, was given a wanted poster. His brother, Estarossa, is depicted on the most recent edition of his wanted poster, which does not exactly reflect him.

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