Madara Uchiha vs Hasirama Senju Twixtor clips and Rsmb 4k

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Hashirama begins to narrate the narrative of his relationship with Madara Uchiha, which began when the two met by a river in their youth and a dissatisfied Madara attempted to skip his stone to the other side. Hashirama surprises Madara by skipping his stone and crossing the river on the opposite side. As Madara releases his rage, a mortified Hashirama apologizes to Madara, and the two begin their unusual relationship despite not giving their last names. A burial for the deceased ninjas, including Hashirama’s younger brother, Kawarama, takes place back in the Senju clan.

a meeting has been place Hashirama expresses his displeasure with his father for forcing youngsters to fight, but his father strikes him. Hashirama discussed the ongoing struggle with the Uchiha clan with his brothers Tobirama and Itama, as well as the use of youngsters to combat the enemy. Another struggle breaks out between the Senjus and the Uchihas, with Itama being slain by Uchiha shinobi. Hashirama comes late and discovers his brother is no longer alive.

Madara finds a dejected Hashirama near the river and shares his feelings, revealing that he, too, has siblings who have perished in the current conflict. Despite their sadness, they continue to exercise and their friendship blossoms. Tobirama returns to Hashirama after their training, informing them that their father has something vital to say. Butsuma, Hashirama’s father, informs the Senju clan that he requested Tobirama to follow Hashirama, and that the youngster, Madara, is from the Uchiha clan, and that Madara murdered adult ninjas from their clan. Butsuma cautions Hashirama that this might lead to treason, and in order to avoid being penalized, Butsuma requests that Hashirama follow Madara.

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