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Katasuke appears with Ksuke and, despite the concerns of the others, uses the Shinobi Gauntlet to fire many ninjutsu at Momoshiki. Momoshiki absorbs them, gaining power in the process, and utilizes the acquired jutsu against them. Momoshiki paralyzes the gang with an absorbed Nara shadow ninjutsu and pins Naruto down with black receivers before they can strike back. Boruto recalls Sasuke’s previous remarks and throws his Rasengan in response to Sasuke’s order. Naruto wonders when Boruto discovered it, while Momoshiki believes he should have remained hidden. He prepares to absorb it, but it evaporates before he can reach it, so he returns his focus to the shinobi. Boruto’s strike succeeds in breaking Momoshiki’s grasp over the other characters. Naruto learns how Sasuke trained Boruto under the condition that he learn the Rasengan.

More chakra pills are consumed by Momoshiki in order to prepare for a decisive strike. Naruto instructs Boruto to create a new Rasengan and augment it using his chakra. To get near to Momoshiki, Sasuke throws his sword and switches places with it. Sasuke’s sword is a kunai-throwing Boruto who has been changed. Sasuke exchanges it with his Chidori, allowing Momoshiki to attack his own arm while Sasuke stabs the Rinnegan on his palm, stopping him from absorbing jutsu. Boruto distracts Momoshiki with clones, allowing his true self to attack with the Naruto-powered Rasengan. Boruto wins despite Momoshiki’s counterattack. Momoshiki’s ghost speaks to Boruto as his body is destroyed, recognizing that he has a strong hereditary trait.

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