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Final Naruto Shippuden Fight

Sasuke transfers the chakra of the imprisoned tailed monsters to his Susanoo. Kurama opined that Naruto should be on his alert at all times since he was astounded by how similar and different Sasuke was from Hagoromo. Naruto generates shadow clones, all of them in Tailed Beast Mode, while Sasuke’s improved Susanoo begins to take shape. Sasuke mocks Naruto for utilizing it, claiming that it serves as a mask for Naruto’s loneliness. While chopping off limbs from others, Sasuke sends a few of the clones tumbling to the ground. Although Susanoo is briefly rendered immobile thanks to Naruto, his assaults are ineffective.

The battle is carried above the skies by Naruto and Sasuke. Massive explosions are caused as Sasuke utilizes lightning arrows to strike Naruto’s Tailed Beast Balls. A Kurama shadow clone that had been defeated disperses as Sasuke readies his next arrow, unleashing a powerful natural energy blast on Naruto. The last of the Kurama shadow clones are combined by Naruto into a single multi-armed, multi-faced avatar, giving birth to a huge Rasenshuriken and Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken. Naruto states again his desire to defeat Sasuke in a fair fight, but not the present Sasuke.

A massive explosion results from the collision of Sasuke and Naruto’s strikes. Exhausted, the two fall to the ground in a Valley of the End that has been severely destroyed. Sasuke employs Amaterasu upon discovering Naruto still alive. By covering himself in Kurama’s chakra, Naruto stops it and tosses it aside. Sasuke uses electrified shuriken to paralyze Naruto’s clones after Naruto scores a couple strikes and after he scores one as well. The real Naruto strikes him from the side, contrary to what Sasuke believes he has done with Chidori. Naruto stumbles with his Rasengan while Sasuke struggles to keep Chidori up due to a lack of chakra. Naruto is punched by Sasuke after he climbs on top of him. He is drawn nearer by Naruto, who then headbutts him. . Both of them keep striking one other. Sakura awakens with only the memory of Sasuke and Naruto engaging in combat at the Academy. It’s becoming dark.

Sakura then inquires about the whereabouts of Sasuke and Naruto with Kakashi. They are battling, says Kakashi. Despite having difficulty standing or even striking one another, Naruto and Sasuke continue to battle. Sasuke absorbs it with the Rinnegan despite Kurama’s attempts to mold some chakra. Sasuke uses it to launch a Chidori attack, but Naruto uppercuts him and knocks him back in the process. Naruto is instructed by Sasuke to allow him to murder him, but he refuses. Sasuke’s Kagutsuchi-infused Chidori is noticed by Kurama. As Kurama gives Naruto the last of its chakra, recalling Naruto’s commitment to save Sasuke, Kurama gives him a fist bump. What little remains from the Valley of the End is destroyed by Naruto and Sasuke’s conflict and the explosion of their strikes.

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