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Rukia Kuchiki and other powerful Shinigami depart the 1st Division barracks with Genshir Okikiba’s protection after spotting the pillars of Reishi and moving for their bases under the impression that those are the Wandenreich’s main soldiers. Izuru, Rik Togakushi, Taketsuna Gori, and Asuka Katakura are waiting at one of the pillars for an examination of the Reishi as they get ready to battle the enemy inside, but Bazz-B uses a Heilig Pfeil to blow a hole in Izuru’s torso and then kills the three seated officers. Haschwalth claims that the Sternritter will exterminate the Shinigami. Akon learns that at least 16 Sternritter have surfaced within the Seireitei and have murdered more than 1,000 officers in seven minutes, causing him to assume that they are doomed to fail as long as Ichigo keeps fighting Quilge.

Izuru and the sitting officers’ disappearance of Reiatsu is reported to Rjr Toribashi, and NaNaNa Najahkoop observes that Bazz-B failed if he didn’t kill anybody there despite being assigned there. Rose, on the other hand, just says that he and his guitar are already crying for Izuru before cautioning NaNaNa not to believe that he will escape the Seireitei alive. Before being attacked by Renji Abarai, s Nödt uses his Spirit Weapon to murder and terrorize a number of Shinigami. Other captains and lieutenants engage other Sternritter as Bambietta Basterbine uses her blade to slash through a number of Shinigami. Sajin Komamura halts her rampage. As the numerous battles start, Before Renji can speed up his punches, Mask De Masculine assaults him. Renji discovers that his attacks are not having any effect on him and realizes that a pattern appears on his skin everytime he is struck. Suddenly, Byakuya shows there and shields Renji from Mask’s ensuing strike before announcing that they are powerless to grant compassion.

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