Sasuke Vs Danzo TWIXTOR + RSMB + TIME REMAPING After Effects

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Given that Sakura is now unable to compete with Sasuke, Kakashi is ready to pursue her. Naruto hyperventilates and collapses as he considers everything that has been said to him concerning Sasuke. Sasuke also questions Danz about the rumor that Konoha gave Itachi the command to assassinate the Uchiha family. Danz attempts to assault him but is stopped by Sasuke’s Susanoo. Danz acknowledges it, then berates Itachi for placing such a high value on Sasuke, even going so far as to reveal a secret that Sasuke was meant to keep to himself until his death. In a fit of rage, Sasuke strikes him. Danz shows up on Sasuke’s back despite the fact that he looks to be dead and offers to cease their exchange.

Sasuke makes another attempt to use Susanoo to attack Danz. Danz makes another fatal appearance before resurfacing unhurt somewhere else. He seems to be unaffected by even Amaterasu. In an effort to understand what he is doing, Tobi and Karin closely observe his behavior. Eventually, they catch sight of the Sharingan eyes gradually closing on Danz’s arms. Danz commends Sasuke on acquiring Itachi’s status as a sibling with his Mangeky Sharingan skills. Danz bringing up Itachi incites Sasuke to fury, and he vows to kill him no matter what. After surviving several assaults, Itachi confronts Danz.

Danz recognizes Itachi as a result of Sasuke’s genjutsu, despite the fact that it is far less effective than the older brother’s Tsukuyomi. Sasuke is eventually able to finish his Susanoo after being restrained by him and being informed of this. Danz must utilize his Wood Release skills, which he acquired by having Hashirama’s DNA implanted in him, to evade Susanoo’s arrow when it is fired at him. Since this implies that he would have passed away, Sasuke concludes that Danz is now exposed and attacks again, only for him to once more survive the attack after initially appearing to do so. Tobi suggests that Danz is using Izanagi.

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