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Inosuke Hashiriba

Inosuke is a young man of normal height and fair skin. He is very strong and toned for his age, with massive, defined muscles most prominently across his arms and stomach. He has an exceptionally attractive and feminine face, in stark contrast, with huge, wide eyes that are framed by a variety of long eyelashes, their irises being a dark to soft pastel green, thin eyebrows, and what would be a petite, well-mannered lips. Just above his shoulders, his thick, black hair begins to turn blue at the tips and forms an untidy, uneven fringe that falls just over his eyes, bulging up before curling and becoming thinner near his forehead.

Inosuke doesn’t wear a haori as his traveling companions do; instead, he wears a modified version of the normal Demon Slayer outfit that consists just of the baggy hakama pants that are stained a dark gray-blue and fastened around his hips with a wide belt made of fluffy brown deer fur. The customary textile leg covers have been replaced with what appear to be bear-hide knee-high socks, leaving his heels and toes exposed. These socks also appear to be what fastens the sandal bases he wears on his feet. His most distinguishing characteristic is the gray, hollowed-out boar’s head he wears to conceal his own, whose eyes he has modified to allow him to see while wearing it.

Inosuke is a very irritable and self-centered young guy who continually believes he is the best fighter in a given circumstance. He regularly engages in conflict with the majority of individuals he encounters and longs for people to appreciate and admire his prowess. Since he tends to overestimate his skills in comparison to his opponents and refuses to concede defeat, this frequently puts him in danger. For example, Giyu Tomioka had to tie Inosuke up after their fight with the Father Spider Demon to stop him from challenging the Hashira to a duel while still seriously injured.  His persistent desire to be the greatest may also make him highly provocative.

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