Obito Rage TWIXTOR + RSMB + TIME REMAPING After Effects

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Two artificial people that care for Obito assist with his recuperation, inform him of Madara’s objectives, and generally irritate him with their potty humor. Obito heals and acclimates to his new prosthetic body parts, including his new right arm, over the course of months of intensive therapy while also remembering his time training with both Kakashi and Rin. One day, White Zetsu shows up with word that Obito’s friends are in danger and being guarded by Kirigakure-nin. Guruguru volunteers to serve as Obito’s armor when the latter is unable to remove the obstruction posed by the rock.

For the purpose of fracturing the rock, Obito takes strength from the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Madara assures Obito that despite his insistence that he is going permanently, Obito will return to him and that he would give him a real thank you in the future. Obito sees Rin through his empty eye socket as he makes his way to the fight area, but he merely brushes it off as nothing. Before dying, Rin is heard muttering Kakashi’s name as Kakashi drives his Chidori through her chest. He comes just in time to see this.

Both of their Mangeky Sharingan are reawakened by Rin’s death. Obito starts to slaughter the Kiri-nin as Kakashi collapses. By employing the Wood Release: Cutting Technique and his new Mangeky, Obito manages to summon a tremendous amount of force from inside himself that makes him nearly unbeatable. After the final Kiri ninja is killed and the surviving ninja are impaled on trees he planted, Obito ignores an unconscious Kakashi on the ground and attends to Rin. Obito turns off his Mangeky while he stands there, weeping for Rin and drearily coming to the conclusion that he is in Hell.

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