Saitama Vs Genos Twixtor Clips TWIXTOR + RSMB + TIME REMAPING After Effects

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Genos is a mechanical cyborg that stands around four feet tall. His eyes have a black sclera with yellow irises, and his face and ears are fashioned of synthetic skin material to resemble those of a typical person. His eyebrows are blonde, and he has blond hair that is curly (brown in the anime). And his ears are pierced. Genos only wears street clothing, and all of his tops lack sleeves to make it easier for him to morph his arms. He possesses several various arm configurations, each with unique skills and capabilities. Examples of his different “arms” include the ones he used in his sparring session with Saitama¬†and the weapons he brought with him to fight the meteor.

Genos is a character that takes himself very seriously and almost never cracks jokes. He routinely seeks Saitama’s counsel in order to accomplish his objectives since he is continually striving to get stronger. Genos has taken on an extremely pious and guarded attitude toward Saitama since becoming his student (who he refers to as “master”). Genos admires and admires Saitama, yet he still expresses dissatisfaction and incredulity at the tedious training Saitama through to get his abilities.

Occasionally, Genos serves as a comedic counterpoint to Saitama’s bumbling antics. Genos fights adversaries with a variety of special moves, fighting strategies, and robotic enhancements (often taking severe damage in the process), just to be defeated by Saitama with a single blow. Genos thinks there must be a secret behind Saitama’s extraordinary strength because of his strength. In order to discover the source of his master’s tremendous power, he is driven to thoroughly examine Saitama.

Genos is a driven individual who never gives up on his goals. Genos was much more passionate before he met Saitama, but Saitama has been a calming effect on Genos, assisting him to be calmer and take a more calculated approach to his quest of power and justice. Genos observes Sweet Mask brutally eliminating a bunch of alien prisoners and realizes how far he’s gone, reflecting on how he was once just as heartless.

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