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Nobara Kugaisaki

Nobara is a thin young woman who is quite short. Her right part of her forehead is covered by bangs that are arranged in a mid-length orange hairstyle that falls to her neck. Long eyelashes, orange-colored thin eyebrows, and orange eyes all characterize Nobara.

Nobara wears a long matching skirt that ends just above her knees as part of her jujutsu school uniform, which also includes a dark blue gakuran-style top (a button-down jacket). Her characteristic brown belt, which houses her jujutsu equipment, is worn paired with black stockings and brown shoes.

Nobara has a variety of clothing since she likes to dress up. Prior to attending Jujutsu High, she lacked a tracksuit, but shortly after enrolling she purchased one. The tracksuit was made out of a black legging, a white and blue sweatshirt with a floral pattern on it, and white sneakers.

Nobara is a young woman with an unflappable character who is bold, self-assured, and confident. More than everything, Nobara is determined to always be true to herself.  She takes great satisfaction in being both a gorgeous girl and a powerful warrior, and she won’t allow anybody to sway her .

Nobara might first come across as someone who is highly unpleasant and conceited. Despite her abrasive demeanor, Nobara is actually a remarkably compassionate and obedient person who would never allow most people see that side of her. She originally introduced herself to Yuji and Megumi by declaring how inferior they were.  She also clashed with Yuji for the majority of their first assignment together.  Considering her abrasive demeanor. Yuji and Megumi fought alongside one another in a number of missions.

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