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Sukuna is incredibly cruel, egotistical, heartless, and unethical. He made a statement immediately after being resurrected, alluding to the murder of women and children and comparing them to crawling maggots, just after Yuji consumed his finger. He seldom gives his deeds’ repercussions, especially those that effect his host, Yuji Itadori, any thought because of his great power. He even routinely calls Yuji a brat and makes fun of or laughs at Yuji’s anguish, inflicting taunts and insults on him on a regular basis.

Sukuna is incredibly powerful and rather conceited about it. He brutalizes a finger bearer while being pompous and pretending to be superior to it. Because of this, he seldom considers his opponents seriously and frequently expresses to them his intention to murder them, including Satoru Gojo, who is one of his main targets. These brutal characteristics should not be mistaken for ignorance, either. In order to coerce Yuji into making a Binding Vow, Sukuna, a cunning and extremely clever being, tore out his heart from his body. He has also demonstrated the capacity to recognize and honor his adversaries, as evidenced by the fact that, before to murdering Jogo, Sukuna commended Jogo for his courage despite having decisively outmuscled him and acknowledged Sukuna’s superior strength.

The cursed spirit Sukuna is of a particular caliber. Sukuna contains an enormous quantity of cursed energy and is the most potent cursed spirit in the whole series. Shibuya was a buzz with Sukuna’s presence once he was awake. In terms of enormity, his cursed energy is comparable to Satoru Gojo’s, but it differs in that it is extremely malevolent. The strongest cursed spirit in Mahito’s squad, Jogo, was shortly defeated by him when he quickly overpowered him. Sukuna is strong, and even Gojo recognized that it would be difficult to defeat him. Sukuna has consistently shown that he is the most powerful cursed spirit to have ever made an appearance. He defeated Jogo easily, Mahoraga without much difficulty, and gravely damaged Mahito when enraged.

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