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Inquiring as to his status as a hero, Garou runs across Mumen Rider. Mumen Rider responds that he is and declares that he does not like Garou. Garou claims that by hunting Mumen Rider, he will develop into a fully-formed monster. The Tank Topper Army, who have come to help Tanktop Vegetarian in his quest for revenge, emerge just in time to stop Garou before he can launch his attack.

Tanktop Vegetarian declares to Garou that he intends to exact retribution for the previous day, but Garou stops him mid-sentence with a single blow. Garou mocks the hero, referring to him as an adorable fool for wasting the life that Garou had saved. Garou proclaims that he would “kill” the rest of his allies, but Tanktop Master, the S-Class hero and commander of the Tank Topper Army, punches him away from his intended target and sends him flying many meters.

Garou is thrilled to have come across an S-Class hero rather than being terrified. In order to knock Garou off balance, Tanktop Master lifts his fist and executes a Tanktop Blow. He then rushes Garou and does a Tanktop Tackle, which knocks Garou to the ground. The Tank Toppers are certain that Garou is vanquished, but Garou flips in the air and deftly falls on the ground, surprising the other Tanktop members. Garou’s resistance astounded Tanktop Master, who questions Garou’s humanity.

Tanktop Master hits Garou with his Tanktop Punch as the two continue to fight off-screen. Tanktop Master disagrees with the rest of the Tank Topper Army’s belief that Garou is nearly finished. As soon as he starts to suspect that Garou has a nefarious character, he decides that he must eliminate Garou right now. When Garou coughs up blood and turns to gaze at Tanktop Master, who is about to punch him, he hears him somberly say that this is it for Garou. Tanktop Master prepares to strike, but Mumen Rider steps in and blocks his path. Despite being an S-Class hero, Mumen Rider yells at Tanktop Master, saying him he should be embarrassed for trying to kill a human.

and that there has already been a victory. Although Tanktop Master orders his followers to remain silent, the other Tanktop members object and claim that it was Garou’s fault for starting a battle with a hero. He comes to the conclusion that Mumen Rider is correct and that he didn’t begin donning a tanktop only to engage in combat with humans. He turns to Garou and demands that he make a promise to never injure anyone ever again if he has indeed learnt his lesson.

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