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With gray eyes, black hair, and angular features, Jinwoo is a young man with good looks and muscle. His eyes have a brilliant purple color when he is utilizing his abilities or is upset. He nearly never appears without dark clothing on, especially black.

Jinwoo was a small, thin young man when he was feeble, and his hair was long enough to cover his ears entirely. He preferred to dress in a straightforward blue sweatshirt and trousers, and his face was quite boyish, making him appear even younger than his sister Jinah.

Jinwoo is a self-assured person who has a strong sense of family and a desire for dominance. His tight relationship with his sister, mother, and Jinho is the outcome of this, and he seldom misses a chance to develop himself.

Furthermore, it should be emphasized that despite being the world’s best hunter, Jinwoo is not overly haughty and is affable and kind in person. He can be quite unselfish, as seen when he teleported to Jeju Island without thinking twice to save the Korean raid team from impending death. He is also mostly apathetic to worldly pursuits like fame and riches. However, during combat,

He is brutal, randomly killing his foes, and even a little scornful, as seen by his taunts of the Ant King for being an insect and of the Architect for the System’s defective design.

Jinwoo, on the other hand, was very frightened and insecure back when he was weak since he was a bad hunter and had a difficult home life. He loved his family dearly and had risked his life on many occasions going on raids for them, but he was privately embarrassed of his situation as evidenced by the fact that he had told a falsehood to Joohee about the reason he had chosen to become a hunter.

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